Prototype Transhuman


You may pick up to 1 point of Essence of bioware (not cyberware). While you must pay the normal cost in nuyen of the bioware and otherwise follow all character creation rules, you do not incur any essence cost. So, essentially, you gain up to 1 point of free Essence to be used exclusively on bioware. These special organs were genetically grown into you from your inception—they are as much a natural part of you as your liver or heart.

As part of this Quality, you must also pick Allergy (Common, Mild).

Due to this being a racial option the bioware is partially fixed to simulate it being part of the race.

Name Rating Essence Cost
Bone Density Augmentation 1 .3 5000
Muscle Toner 1 .2 32000
Mnemonic Enhancer 1 .1 9000

The remaining essence maybe used as desired. Also the ratings of the above bioware maybe increased.

Prototype Transhuman

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